Month: April 2014

5 Tips for Greener, Easier and Cheaper Household Tasks

In honor of Earth Day I thought that I would offer up some eco-friendly tips for your daily household tasks. Bonus: some fall into the easy and cheap categories too!

1. Make your own cleaning products. You can save tons of money and avoid toxic and harsh chemicals by making your own cleaning products. You can also reduce waste and save money by reusing spray bottles. Here are the recipes that I use. I use the all purpose cleaner a ton. I always add the lemon essential oil – it makes for a much better smell than the vinegar.

2. Hang dry clothes. I am a huge fan of using a drying rack for drying clothes. A lot of clothes are hang-dry only anyway and I have found that it keeps my clothes looking great plus it saves a ton of electricity.

3. Use rags/washcloths. As convenient as paper towels are, they are wasteful and costly. Make an effort to keep washcloths and sponges around for cleaning. Here is a quick way to deodorize and sanitize sponges.

4. Use products you can feel good about. Let’s be honest, not all of us have time to make all of our own cleaning products. In this case I like to keep around some earth-friendly and non-toxic cleaning supplies. The Honest Co. is one of my favorites. They have some great products that I can feel good about using with a kiddo crawling around and I can usually get some great deals on their products through referrals and promotions. They offer a free trial of their products if you want to see what they are all about. WARNING: when you do the trial you sign up for a subscription so make sure that you call and cancel if you don’t want to be charged (they send you a nice reminder email) or what I do is push back the subscription and only get products when you really need them {or when there is a promotion/deal}

5. Avoid disposable cleaning products. Swiffers and Swiffer Dusters constantly need replacing and create waste. You can re-create the convenience by making your own versions that are reusable. Here is a duster DIY. Here is a sweeper DIY.

Happy Earth Day!

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Homemade Lollipops


I love a good party and I love sweets. Bonus points if they look pretty and can double as decorations. I made these lollipops for my daughter’s first birthday party when I wasn’t sobbing thinking about her being a toddler. Tears add flavor, right? I like this idea for wedding table numbers too.


Here is what you need for supplies: Wilton candy melts, candy molds, lollipop sticks, and a microwave safe container.


First, follow the instructions for melting the candy. I used a Pyrex liquid measuring cup which made the pouring easy. Then, place your stick in the mold and pour the melted candy into the mold. It helps to gently tap the mold to make sure the candy gets all the way into the mold and to get rid of any air bubbles. Keep a wet washcloth on hand to wipe access candy.


Next, let the candy harden before removing the lollipop from the mold. Because I was making multiple of the same mold I was impatient and started putting the mold in the freezer to speed up the process – about four minutes.


You can get candy molds in all sorts of shapes, but in a pinch you can use cookie cutters and waxed paper.


To make a spot for the lollipop stick I used a skewer to make a hole (be very careful because it is very easy to crack the candy). Then I dipped the stick in a little of the melted candy to help it stay.

If you want more traditional lollipops, there is a recipe here. I have done it and it is pretty messy but you can pick your flavors.


Oh Hey

I am a mama, wife, architect and Etsy shop owner. I love to create and do-it-myself and am always on the look out to save some money and time because that leaves a lot more to spend on fun. Through a lot of trial and {mostly} error I have found some things that work and want to share them with you. I’ll share some of the stuff that doesn’t work too because it’s usually good for a laugh.

I have divided most of my posts into the categories of crafts and DIYs {crafts}, children and baby {kiddos} and for the home {casa}. Within these categories my goal is to make them simple {easy}, affordable {cheap} and eco-friendly {green}.

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