Making Your Own Baby Food

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In this post you trade a little time to save some money BUT you get the added bonus of feeding your baby food you can feel good about. I hope that some of my trials and errors can make things a little easier for you.

1. Block Off Time. I have found while it is possible to squeeze in making baby food while watching your kid or kids it is much easier to have a set time where you can focus and get it all done at once. Plus the babies and boiling water/sharp blades aren’t a good combo.

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2. Have the right equipment. We got the Baby Bullet system as a shower gift and have been really happy with it, but I know you definitely don’t need it and lots of people use a food processor. Here is what I recommend for supplies (the Baby Bullet comes with everything except the steamer basket).

  • Food processor or baby food blender
  • Small pot and steamer basket
  • Rubber scraper
  • Small containers for fridge storage
  • Ice cube trays

3. Pick your produce. Organic produce is always a great choice, but not all of us have the money to buy organic all the time. Save money by buying focusing your money toward the “dirty dozen.” I am also a big fan of buying frozen produce for baby food. I have found that with a little one you don’t always know when you’ll have time {and when you think you’ll have time, inevitably, you won’t} so having frozen food on hand means your baby won’t starve when you couldn’t find time to go to the grocery store and your fresh produce won’t go to waste when you decided to have a glass of wine and sit on the couch instead of make baby food {I have no personal experience in this at all}.

Here are some of my favorite foods for purees:

  • Bananas – a great starter food because of the mild flavor and they don’t require steaming
  • Avocados – good for your baby and also require no prep
  • Sweet potatoes – lots of nutrients and a sweet taste
  • Peas – make a nice-textured puree and are a good way to introduce veggies
  • Carrots – go organic on these, carrots can contain nitrates
  • Zuchinni and other squash

Here are some that don’t work so well:

  • Green beans – these were a big fail for me, the texture ended up very stringy
  • Pineapple –  a little stringy as well but once your kiddo is ready for combo purees it is great with banana and mango

4. Prep your produce. Peel (if needed) and steam your produce until it is “squishy” or easily pierced with a fork. Let the food cool before blending. Already soft foods like bananas and avocados don’t need to be steamed.

5. Puree. This is the easy part. Stick your prepped food in the blender until you get the desired consistency. Tip: if you steamed the food, use the water from the steaming, it has additional nutrients from the fruits or veggies and saves water.

6. Store for easy feeding. Now that you have your baby food you can store it to use at your convenience. Use small serving-size containers for the fridge. Food lasts up to three days in the fridge so fill up to three containers and then you can feed your baby right out of the container (if you think they won’t eat all of the food, scoop out a little with a clean spoon into a separate container – you shouldn’t put it back in the fridge if you have put a used spoon back into it). If you are worried about chemicals in plastic containers, you can find glass jars for storage.

7. Freeze for later. Freeze the extra puree in ice cube trays. Once the food is frozen, place it in tupperware or baggies. Then, you can mic up just the amount you need whenever baby is hungry. The Baby Bullet comes with a covered serving-size freezer tray but I have found that the ice cube system works just as well. You can also fill your own pouches if you like the convenience of having those on the go. I will do a post on that later.





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