Month: March 2015

Health{ier} Sweets: Chia Pudding

I have come to terms with the fact that I will always want to eat sweets, so instead of trying to avoid them I have focused on eating healthier versions. I will be posting several more of my health{ier} sweets go-to recipes.

Have you checked out the blog Live Eat Repeat? It is full of great recipes and info. I read a post there on the health benefits of chia seeds and was intrigued by the idea of chia pudding. A few weeks later I stumbled  upon this recipe on Pinterest and gave it a try and loved it.

Here is another recipe from another great blog, Prescribe Nutrition that I have yet to try but looks delicious.




My Favorite Honest Co. Products & How to Save Money Using Them {Bonus: Coupon Code!}

I have been using the Honest Company’s products for a few years now and LOVE them. They are great products and I love knowing that they are safe for my family and the environment. Here are a few of my favorite products and a few tips on how to get the most great products for your money.

Favorite Products:

1. Healing balm: Basically an organic, all natural substitute for petroleum jelly/aquaphor. I use it for dry hands, on my lips, on cuts and scrapes, as a nighttime protection against diaper rash and pretty much anything.

2. Multi-purpose cleaner: Smells amazing and gets the job done. I don’t have to worry about using unsafe chemicals with kiddos in the house and you can buy refill concentrates to use less plastic when you buy more.

3. Dish soap: Smells great and their products are some of the only ones I can find that don’t give me a skin reaction.

4. Face & body lotion: fragrance free and goes on light and smooth, I use it for myself and my daughter.


How to Save Money:

1. Use the free trials. When you first create an account with Honest you can order free trials of each of their bundles and only pay for shipping. This is a great way to try out their products. Note: when you sign up for a trial, you sign up for a bundle that renew automatically. Make sure that you set the settings to send shipment at the frequency you want or call to cancel if you don’t want to renew automatically.

2. If you bundle, get your money’s worth. The cost of an essentials bundle is $35.95, but you have your choice of products. This means there can be a big difference in the value you are getting for your money.

Organic shave oil: $15.95
Organic belly balm: $15.95
4-in-1 laundry packs: $15.95
Suds Up: $12.95
Sunscreen: $13.95
Total savings: $38.80

5 products at $5.95
Total loss: $6.20

3. If you have less expensive items you would like to purchase, use them for the +3 item, or buy them at Target. This way you earn %25 off (in the +3 option for your bundle) and don’t take up valuable space in your bundle at the set price.

4. Take advantage of member deals and +3 discounts. Have your eye on some of their super cute kids swimwear or nursing covers? Get %25 off of those items when you add them on to your bundle.

5. For a limited time {until the 15th} use code MARBUNDLES35OFF for %35 off any new bundle! Just click here started.


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How to Make Every Sweater a Long Hem Sweater

I don’t know about you, but I am in love with all of the long hem sweaters I have been seeing everywhere. Basically I want to buy all of Anthropologie. Seeing as that is not currently in the budget I came up with a solution that I am pretty excited about.

What you’ll need:
An old tank top
Another old shirt in a pattern or color you like
A shirt that is the ideal length for your body {for me that is covering my butt/hips} to use as a guide

I lined everything up using my perfect-fit sweater as a guide, then pinned, trimmed and sewed the two pieces together. I would have the hem part come up a few inches higher than your guide to allow it to work with any sweater length.



The possibilities are endless!