Refresh 2015


As I discussed in my previous post, I am ready for a fresh start with a focus on simplifying, using less and leaving more time for family and creativity.

Refresh priorities. Refresh health. Refresh focus. Refresh home.

Here is a sneak peak at what’s to come and I hope you’ll join me:

  • DIY Household Cleaners
  • Chalkboard Calendar Project
  • Healthy Toddler Snacks
  • Making the Most of Your Space in a Small Home
  • My Favorite Honest Co. Products and How to Save Money Using Them
  • Kids Playroom Project
  • Health{ier} Sweets
  • 5 Great Projects with Upcycled T-Shirts
  • My Favorite Essential Oils and How to Save Money Using Them
  • Cloth Diapers {the Easy Way}


The pictures are taken from a recent weekend getaway with friends in Up North as we call it in Minnesota. It was my husband and my first time away from our daughter together and an unplanned time to pamper our dog that we just found out we would loose very quickly. My parents cabin is one of my favorite places in the world and it has a certain peace in the winter.


Hello Again

Hello! It has been a while, but I feel like a have a pretty good excuse and I’m back and ready to bring some great stuff. It has been busy at our house, both my husband and I have had big projects at work and his is still going. Our daughter Izzy had her first round of stitches then promptly broke the cut open again leading to lots of tears and urgent care visits. We lost our sweet, loving dog Petunia to cancer and she has left a large empty space in our hearts and home.

The good in all this is that it has reminded us of our priorities and how lucky we are overall. Tough situations bring you closer together as a family. We are looking forward to a new house {eventually} and a new baby {hopefully} and as we gear up for that we have made the focus on family {always}, simplifying {read saving money} and organizing {read gaining sanity}. What this means for you is a lot of great posts {or at least I like to think so} with a fresh focus and energy.

XOXO Heather

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